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Broken spring replacement
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Call Garage Door Cowboys of Chicago, Illinois to replace your defective garage door springs today. The springs play an integral role in the functioning of your garage door. We have a number of years of experience and are highly trained to safely perform this hazardous task. Inexperienced individuals should never attempt to do this alone.

Broken spring replacement specialists

Springs are a Central Element - The springs are the key to balancing the weight of your garage door system. You should give Garage Door Cowboys of Chicago a call and allow one of our expert techs to complete the replacement of your broken springs. This is one of the most dangerous tasks concerning garage door repair and should only be performed by experienced individuals. Your springs are placed under significant amounts of intense pressure each time you operate your garage door. If one should snap, it could result in bodily injury and possibly death.

Replace Springs as a Set

It is crucial that garage door springs are always replaced as a set. Springs function cohesively as a team and wear out simultaneously. Remember, as mentioned above, garage door springs are under extensive amounts of pressure. If one is broken, the other will soon follow. Springs that break unexpectedly can cause bodily harm. Contact one of our experienced personnel members today to visit your home and replace yours.

How long do springs last?

It is a good idea to keep an eye on the life cycle of your garage door springs. Their durability greatly depends upon a handful of key factors. Consider each of the items listed below.

  • The longevity of garage door springs greatly depends upon the weight of the door itself. The more the door weighs, the more intensely the springs are forced to work. Therefore, the heavier the garage door is the more frequently the springs will require replacement.
  • Garage door springs are available in several sizes. Small garage doors require only a small set of springs. Larger springs should be installed in heavier doors. Contact Garage Door Cowboys of Chicago, Illinois to discuss the proper size springs for your door today.
  • If the current garage doors springs are not the proper size, having them fitted for endurance will extend their life and functionality. We will be thrilled to come out to your home to expediently install a brand new springs for your garage door.

Safety Note:

The dangers involved in repairing, maintaining, and installing garage door springs cannot be stressed enough. These processes can not only present a challenge to inexperienced individuals, it can place them directly in harm’s way. It is always best to allow an experienced garage door technician work on you door’s springs. They have been specifically trained to take precautions against the many hazards that are involved in the replacement of dangerous springs. Call Garage Door Cowboys in Chicago and we will rush out to inspect and replace yours today.

Our team at Garage Door Cowboys in Chicago, Illinois is at your disposal for all of your important garage door issues. You may call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should an emergency arise. Your family’s safety and you complete satisfaction are of the utmost importance to us.